Current Year Projects

One District One Book ($10,389) – This is funded through long term grants and this is the 3rd year we are participating in this grant. All elementary students will receive a common book to read or be read to throughout the course of the month. They will participate in numerous activities associated with both the district reading theme (Take the Lead and Read) and the messages of the book. 


Highland Intercultural Program ($8,300) – This is funded through long term grants. This is a continuation of the intercultural program. This grant involved funding programs when students came from France, China and Spain in Sept/Oct. Part of this grant will also supplement students travel costs this school year. This funding included host costs for meals and hotel costs for guest teachers.


Band Accompanist ($2,000) – This grant pays an accompanist to work with students preparing for Solo and Ensemble events. 


Huntertones Jazz Residency ($4,100) – The Huntertones are a contemporary jazz band that performs Jazz, Funk Soul, R & B and Rock. Originally from Columbus, Ohio, they are currently based in Brooklyn NY. During their time here, they will share their experiences as professional musicians and educators, teach jazz clinics, direct student ensembles, perform for students and perform with the band students.


HMS Academic Challenge Team Buzzer Box System ($997.50) – The Highland Middle School Academic Challenge Team is open to any student in grades 6,7 and 8. Students complete a placement assessment to determine the final team selection. The main competition is the Medina County Tournament held yearly in March. All other teams utilize a Buzzer System. The team believes the use of the buzzer is system is an essential component of preparing for Academic Challenge Co.


Yoga & Mindfulness with Heather Bauer ($5,150) – The Yoga & Mindfulness Program will expose students at the Middle School and High School to the physical and emotional health and wellness benefits that result from yoga. Researchers rave about the rewards of practing yoga from improved focus to increased self-confidence. Yoga instructor Heather Bauer will conduct yoga classes and mindfulness workshops at the middle and high school levels. 


Jesse Weinberger: Overnight Geek University ($5,738) – Jesse Weinberger will present Internet/phone safety to all students in grades 9 to 12. As a follow-up, she will hold an evening event with parents and interested community members. Student presentation topics include Internet safety, sexting, sexual predation and the use and abuse of digital tools. The parent presentation provides a candid, clear review of the apps our children are using and the dangers associated with them.


Playaway Audio MP3 - Bookpacks ($3,638) – Audio learning allows teachers to differentiate instruction in their classrooms, and allows students of all reading levels to be exposed to higher level vocabulary and comprehension than they would normally see in decodable books. These HD players will be paired with books during silent reading station time at a listening center. Every first grade student will have access to them each day at Granger Elementary. This innovative technology addresses the needs of gifted, on level, and below level learners as well as students with special needs in the area of fluency, vocabulary, comprehension and critical thinking skills.


3rd Grade Author Book Writing Project ($600) – This project was funded last year and is an opportunity for beyond-level students to see their writing come to fruition using an on-line website that takes young authors (using pen names) through the writing process to the completion of their very own paperback book. Additional copies will be purchased for the classroom and all district elementary libraries. 


Astronaut Visit for Highland Fifth Graders ($2,500) – NASA speakers include astronauts who come to speak to large groups of students about current research and former space travels. This program will enrich the students’ knowledge about space, space travel, occupations at NASA and space exploration. It will encourage students’ interest of the space program and exploration. The Astronaut will appear at the High School Auditorium where fifth graders from the district will come together for the program. 

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