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DONOR SPOTLIGHT: Dr. Charles Pfister

Charles and Terri PfisterDonor Spotlight: Dr. Charles Pfister
For Dr. Charles Pfister and his wife, Terri, The Highland Foundation offers a special way to give back to the community. The couple have been donors for many years and Mrs. Pfister serves as a Foundation Trustee. Both graduated from Highland, as well as their two children

What motivated you to become a HF donor?
High school is the opportunity to learn who you are and to find yourself as you discover your strengths and weaknesses. I spent a lot of my time at Highland High School taking art classes and doing a few plays as well as my pre-med courses. This was an interesting blend of art and science as I found my creative self. You don’t necessarily expect that from someone who is an orthodontist – but I’m building beautiful smiles every day, which is truly a blend of art and science. It all started with what I did in high school at Highland. I feel there is real value to the philosophy of The Foundation in the programs that they offer to help the children discover their talents- whatever their talents happen to be: art, music, engineering, science, theater. The core programs of math, reading, and science are important to a school system, but these courses don’t allow one to discover some of his/her unique talents and skills. That is why The Foundation’s programs make Highland unique in their student development.

What are some of your favorite Foundation programs?
In many ways, The Foundation is creating experiences that parents or the district might not be able to provide otherwise. These are game-changing times for many children. If we can provide unique learning experiences beyond core subjects that involve and stimulate the students, they will be better-prepared for the road ahead.

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